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The Economic Club of New York With Michael Saylor

Yesterday, Michael Saylor joined The Economic Club of New York for lunch and a webinar. Moon Hodler was in virtual attendance and is feeling extra bullish as always after hearing GigaChad himself talk about Bitcoin. Saylor was looking relaxed as he discussed the advantages Bitcoin has over other cryptocurrencies. He believes Biden's recent order for the government to explore cryptocurrencies will bring clarity to what Bitcoin is and is not. As you may know, Michael Saylor believes Bitcoin is digital property and this is what separates it from every other digital token or platform available. The government needs to formalize these differences before a Spot ETF can be approved, and before real, massive amounts of liquidity can flow into Bitcoin.

With the recent seizures of property by European and other countries, Russian oligarchs are understanding more than ever the importance of property rights. If a country can seize your yacht or soccer team, and freeze your bank accounts, what can't they do? Bitcoin is sovereign wealth, and if stored properly, cannot be seized. More than that, it can be transported to be used anywhere in the world. Bitcoin is looking more and more like the perfect haven for the wealthy to store their value.

Saylor goes on to say that Bitcoin is a better investment that New York real estate, which has appreciated tremendously in the past two centuries! He also reaffirmed his conviction to buy Bitcoin at its next all-time high as well. And the one after that. So in case you were wondering, Michael Saylor is still 100% behind Bitcoin, and is still on a mission to educate the world about the greatest asset in galactic history.


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