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Why the government should love Bitcoin this year

The government should love Bitcoin this year. Seriously. I have worked more hours at my Fiat mining job in 2021 than in any previous year, ever. The amount of income tax I will be paying those criminals will be more than I ever have before. So, you're welcome.

But this is what Bitcoin does. It provides participants with a liquid store of value that is not subjected to government inflation. Before I started saving in Bitcoin, I didn't work any harder or longer than I needed to, because the money I earned was going to be debased anyway, and my time was more valuable in the long run. This was also the reason I spent money rather than saving it. In my lifetime, I have never known savings accounts to offer interest rates that were above inflation levels.

With Bitcoin, I am able to store what I earn with my scarce time and energy, and know it is stored in the only other truly scarce asset in the universe. Now I look forward to increasing my stack each day (which also lowers my exposure to the dollar (after paying my taxes) and its inflationary nature). I just wanted to let the government know they can count on me to work more hours in 2022 so I can make that fiat and stack AS MANY SATS AS POSSIBLE, taxes be damned.


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