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Your Finances Are An Ecosystem

If you've listened to Michael Saylor (You should listen to Michael Saylor!) on any of the number of podcasts he has been a guest on, you've probably heard him talk about ecosystems as an analogy for a complex concept he is explaining. This thinking can be applied to your own personal finances, no matter how large or small they may be. In the end, the size of the ecosystem is secondary to the health of the ecosystem. If money can be thought of as energy, an ecosystem will be healthier if more energy is introduced to the system, and the existing energy is properly stored. Conversely, the ecosystem will wither if energy is subtracted from it, or if the existing energy is poorly stored. This thinking will foster more intelligent spending and savings habits and help a person to conceptualize Bitcoin as part of their financial plan, or ecosystem.

You should ask, 'How important is it to purchase this good or service? What will this good or service provide me? Would I rather store the equivalent value of my time and energy somewhere for future consumption or investment rather than spend it on this good or service?' By deciding more often to store your value rather than spend it, you are adding energy to your ecosystem, making it more robust, creating a tremendously safer and more stable future for yourself and your family. Bitcoin allows you to efficiently store this energy in your ecosystem because it is the only asset on Earth with absolute scarcity, so there is no worry of inflation, debasement, or confiscation. Bitcoin will only strengthen your ecosystem.


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