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Accumulation Is A Marathon

The accumulation of Bitcoin can be a slow process for many of us. We work hard at our full time jobs, pay our bills, and with what money we have left (a.k.a. DRY POWDER), we buy Bitcoin. Little by little.

As a former marathoner, I can relate. This is not a sprint. Stack too hard, and you may find yourself REKT (deep in debt, unable to finish the race). Sometimes, the long slow nature of accumulation can be discouraging. With auto-DCA, I buy Bitcoin in my sleep, which is probably the least exciting way to buy Bitcoin. It is likely the smartest method though. Believe it or not, The Bitcoin Tutor is not wealthy. I work a full-time job and am attending graduate school. However, my limited resources do not stop me from stacking sats as hard as I can, and learning as much as I can. In fact, to the contrary. Since I started studying and collecting Bitcoin, I have been working harder, logging more overtime, applying more discipline when planning for my future, and continuing my education.

It helps when you are feeling helpless or tired to look at the numbers. So few around the world possess Bitcoin. Technically speaking, we are still in the early-adoption phase. We are still so early. And on some mornings, we get to wake up to a HUGE green candle, like today. Bitcoin at $50,000 by lunch?

Happy Stacking!🍊


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