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Bitcoin's price is dropping, why should I buy?

With all of the talk of $100,000 Bitcoin by New Year's Eve, the steady decline in price over the last few days has people talking. Especially those who don't even have Bitcoin. "This is why I never got into Bitcoin" they say. "It's too volatile!" they shout. This is because most people have not taken the time to understand Bitcoin and why it is the closest thing to perfect you can own.

I was going to share a link explaining why the price has been falling, but I'd rather tell you that if you are considering buying your first satoshis (smallest denomination of a Bitcoin), now is a great time. There are a number of great books out there explaining why Bitcoin will become the primary global asset, and if you would like a few recommendations, send us a DM, message, or email.

Think long-term. Years from now, you will be glad you started stacking Bitcoin.


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