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The Bitcoin Community

If you are new to Bitcoin, you probably don't realize how strong of a community there is surrounding this amazing asset. In 2021, most walks of life are now represented to some degree within the Bitcoin community. A diverse group of individuals are now working together to learn about and advance use of Bitcoin. It is no surprise to veteran Hodlers that the Bitcoin community is a great resource for Bitcoin education, support, and good times. Most of the Bitcoiners we've ever met have been helpful, curious, genuine people, and the community is only growing.

How can you connect? Use the internet as a resource. Twitter is a great place to interact with other active Bitcoiners, as well as Reddit. Post questions and engage in conversation, but beware of scammers. Never share your personal information or private keys. Apps like Meet-Up can help you find local groups of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Attend their events and ask questions. Consider accepting help from trustworthy people in advancing your skill sets when it comes to self-custody. Verify, and get second opinions. Bitcoiners generally want to see more participants in the market, and are eager to teach and assist in onboarding new friends.

These are the classrooms in which you will receive valuable knowledge, so pay attention and participate. Bitcoin encourages community engagement, so get engaged. Surround yourself with individuals whose goals are aligned and learn from each other.

Have a great day my friends!


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