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There Will Always Be Another Dip

When you are new to Bitcoin, you hear people shouting at you to "buy the dip." At first, it seems like an opportunity, and it is. Especially if you make daily DCA purchases of Bitcoin, which we encourage all of our followers to be doing. You're going to buy today anyway, now you are buying more sats for the same amount of money. But there is a strong FOMO element when it comes to the "buy the dip" crowd.

I am here standing on top of this hill to tell you that there will always be another dip. Any time the price of Bitcoin falls, people will shout "bought the fucking dip!" and will make you feel left out if you too haven't, or aren't able to, buy the dip. "This is the last dip before the new ATH" is not set in stone, and Twitter is not an oracle. It will take time, but Bitcoin will become the Global Reserve Currency.

Last week, European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde addressed a question about Bitcoin, saying "It’s a highly speculative asset, which has conducted some funny business and some interesting and totally reprehensible money laundering activity." She went on to add that "It’s a matter that needs to be agreed at a global level, because if there is an escape, that escape will be used. So, I think … that global cooperation, multilateral action is absolutely needed, whether it’s initiated by the G7, moved into the G20 and then enlarged." Many believe that more regulation by world governments will add stability and encourage adoption worldwide, while others are adamantly against any government involvement in Bitcoin regulation whatsoever. Regardless, Bitcoin will become the Global Reserve Currency. Say it again with me.


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